Sunday, January 10, 2016

Growing Our Spiritual Seeds

I have a confession to make - I have a black thumb.

Not an actual black thumb. (That could be quite painful!) As my husband says, I'm a serial killer of plants. I've managed to kill every kind of plant there is - ivy, cacti, hostas... It's so bad that when someone gifted me a poinsettia this last Christmas, my 14yo son banned me from watering it. He's taken over caring for it and, for whatever reason, it still looks as good as the day I brought it home. He obviously did not inherit my [lack of] gardening skills.

Despite my horrible luck with anything of the leafy variety, my husband and I are planning on starting seeds for our garden this year. This has the potential to be a catastrophe. I'm already pitying the poor plants that will manage to sprout under my care.

However, I'm determined to change my blacker-than-night thumb to something less deadly. Maybe a pale brown? Anything would be better than what I have. So I'm doing a boatload of research on every aspect of the gardening process - pre-sprouting seeds, indoor greenhouses out of salad containers, watering methods, transplanting and thinning guidelines, and more.

This year, I'm going to make it work. My basil plants will be big and beautiful. My tomatoes red and luscious. And my columbines will be absolutely gorgeous. It's going to happen, gosh darn it!

Just as my gardening success will require meticulous research and careful preparation, we need to do the same for our faith and testimonies. Faith is often compared to a seed, one that will grow only with proper care and attention. If we remain lax in our studies and fail to feed and water that seed of faith, it will not grow and can eventually die.

How can we feed our spiritual seeds? Prayer and study of the words of the prophets - both in the scriptures and our modern-day seers and revelators - are as sunlight and water to our seedling of faith. We nourish our growing plants by partaking of the sacrament each Sunday and by attending our Sabbath day meetings. Our plants gain additional nutrients as we serve one another and care for those less fortunate or who are struggling.

There are many ways to help our spiritual seeds to grow. As long as we seek to continually improve ourselves and follow God's commandments, our faith will not only grow, it will flourish.

All we have to do is believe.

Believe is a verb. A verb is an actions. Therefore, to believe is to ACT.

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